5 Days…

                 The 2011-2012 NBA season is 5 days away from officially starting, and it’s already filled with lots of drama!!!!!!!!

Will Chris Paul make the LA Clippers playoff contenders?

How will Tyson Chandler fit in with the NY Knicks?

Is age and experience going to hurt or help the Boston Celtics this year?

Will Dwight Howard be traded?

However, what I’m MOST looking forward to watching is the Dallas Mavericks vs. Miami Heat game.

Finals Rematch

Finals Rematch: Christmas Day @ 2:30PM (ET) on ABC

The Dallas Mavericks outlasted the Miami Heat 4 games to 2, to win the NBA Finals last season. For this season opener, all eyes will be on LeBron James. Last time these two teams met, the Mavericks’ zone defense did a great job cutting off his driving lanes, forcing him to take more jump shots—of course many of those shots did not go in—and really exposed LeBron’s weaknesses.

 To add insult to injury, the Miami Heat will have a front row seat to the Dallas Maverick’s ring ceremony! LeBron James will watch as the banner is lifted and the jumbo screens show shots of the Heat frustrated and missing shots while the Mavs hit shots and celebrate. Perhaps Mark Cuban will have more slick things to say in regards to the win last year. Overall, it will be a very rough environment for the Heat to start the season.

Since I am a Heat fan, I will openly say this: that finals loss last year was the most crushing, heart-breaking defeat I have experienced as a basketball fan. However, the wound may heal a bit, if they were to win their season opener against Dirk and the Dallas Mavericks. Since Wade and James have both discussed to the media how hard the team is working, without a solid Center or Point guard, it will be great to see if the Miami Heat can walk away with a win on Christmas Day!

JA (@jessicaa323)

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