the night before christmas

with all the hype surrounding the nba season tip-off tomorrow, the fact that there are no basketball games being aired today add to the excitement. majority of ncaa teams are on a much needed break today due to the holiday, but basketball fans like myself are looking for games to watch. the nfl is showing a couple of playoff push games but those can’t keep my attention when the first basket scored is less than 24 hours away.

game 1: the festivities begin with a knicks/celtics showdown at noon. it will be a great game for knicks’ fans and bandwagonners alike to watch as they will finally get to see one of the best front-courts in the nba go head-to-head against boston. paul pierce is a big question mark for the midday affair. both teams aren’t deep but the celtics will need extra help from the bench to fill the scoring void.

things/players to watch out for: d’antoni’s new 10 player rotation. with a new defensive outlook, watch for the knicks coach to look deep down his bench and sub in and out frequently.

prediction: knicks


game 2: the most anticipated game tomorrow, without a doubt, will be the finals rematch between the heat and mavs. the heat have added a couple of bodies to their roster in hopes of revisiting the finals and winning a championship. lebron has shown off his mid-range versus the magic this pre-season but we will see if it will translate into the season opener. the loss of tyson chandler will also play a large role in the game as brendan haywood may have to match up with the heat’s newly acquired eddy curry.

things/players to watch out for: defense is something that may not appear in tomorrow’s rematch. expect high scoring, run-n-gun, and a bunch of fast-break opportunities. also look out for lamar odom and vince carter’s debut for the defending champs.

prediction: mavs


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