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TNT’s 2012 All Star Saturday Night Intro – Ni**as In Paris (Jay-Z & Kanye West)


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knicks find their zen.

who would’ve thought that a kid from palo alto, california that has been cut from two teams this year, sent to the d-league and buried at the end of the knicks bench would end up being new york’s savior. given the same position amare was placed in two summers ago, and the same response given to carmelo when he mad his first appearance in orange and blue; jeremy lin has carried this team in a way those two superstars have not.

in his 2 weeks under the spotlight, lin has thrived and surprised most with his consistency, proving that he is a legitimate player and not just a one-hit wonder. he has bought life back to the new york crowd that has been on edge the whole season. the same crowd that has wanted d’antoni’s head is applauding the play of a harvard graduate fitting perfectly into his system.

lin has been receiving comparisons to steve nash, which seems to be pretty accurate. they both excel with a pick-n-roll offense and both cause havoc when they get into the lane. when d’antoni coached the suns, steve nash headed the “7 second” offense. this offense was a formula for the team’s success as they would run-and-gun their way to victory. what made nash so dangerous were the players that surrounded him: shooters and slashers.

now in new york, d’antoni tried to relive his success last season, which helped the knicks reach its first playoff birth in almost a decade. the pick-n-roll became a staple with the team before the trade for carmelo, and has recently been reinstated into the new knicks offense ran by lin.

lin, the unsung hero, now has the complimenting pieces that nash had two years ago. with the addition of j.r. smith, the knicks gain a spot-up shooter that they hoped iman shumpert could be. jeremy lin is a point guard that has neutralized the egos amongst the team. his unselfish play has allowed the knicks to use their bench in a way that they have lacked all season. his ability to pass, shoot and get into the lane makes him a threat offensively and allows for the offense to flow easily.

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Lin City

Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin had another jaw dropping performance last night at Madison Square Garden. He finished with 38 points (highest by any player on the Knicks this season) and 7 assists, to help the Knicks continue on their 4th straight win. More impressively Lin defeated Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

This was the first game I had the opportunity of actually watching. He is surely impressive to watch. He had 18 points and 5 assits at the half, and kept his magical run going the second half.

I feel like New Yorkers are easily amused, and always appreciate an underdog story; and of course the media went and ran with LINSANITY and all these other corny names. So who’s luckier, Lin for being discovered by the Knicks or the Knicks for acquiring such a gem of a player…..?

Although he had a fantastic performance, I feel like other team’s defense just haven’t studied him enough. Once they do, he will be stoppable. Overall his game can use some work, but his presence on the floor last night outshined everyone, even Kobe.

The “Jeremy Lin” frenzy that’s arose is surely nothing to stay quiet about. Let’s say he does go on to be an All-Star callobor player. Lin has a rapid first-step to the rim, great pick and roll player, has seem to be  on his shooting, and seems very coachable–I mean he did go to an Ivy League school. However this is all still HYPE.

I’m sure this won’t be my last blog post about Mr. Jeremy Lin.

All he does is “Lin”(win) but I’m not yet a “LIN-EVIER” (believer)……….Yeaaaaaa, I tried. Lol.



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So what who cares about the Thunder, Clippers showing that they can be the best of the West. | Hang Time Blog

[nba-video vid=games/clippers/2012/01/31/]

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Don’t let the crazy dunks and all of the above the rim stuff fool you. The Clippers work from long distance, too. They hit four straight 3-pointers to end the first half against the Thunder last night, a barrage that was just as impressive to these eyes as Blake Griffin‘s monster dunk overKendrick Perkins.

And they’ll scrap with you if they have to, just ask the Lakers.

What isn’t lost in this storm of Clippers’ highlights is the fact that this team is playing in a way that delivers on all of the promise their acquisition of Chris Paul (and Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups) suggested they would.

A bruised ego for Perkins isn’t the only thing the Thunder left the Staples Center with last night. They got the same wake-up call as other teams that have faced the Clippers…

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Blake Griffin’s Dunk Overrated?

Dave and Jess give this dunk a 10. Nia said she wouldn’t even call it a dunk.

Skip Bayless tweeted:

“I give Blake Griffin “dunk” a 3 – because it WASN’T A DUNK! Didn’t jump that high, THREW it in. BUT as an athletic play, I give it an 8.”

“How did Kendrick Perkins get posterized? Stopped Blake in midair like brick wall. Didn’t get leaped over just leaned over. Literal THROWdown”


Well….What do you guys think?

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