knicks find their zen.

who would’ve thought that a kid from palo alto, california that has been cut from two teams this year, sent to the d-league and buried at the end of the knicks bench would end up being new york’s savior. given the same position amare was placed in two summers ago, and the same response given to carmelo when he mad his first appearance in orange and blue; jeremy lin has carried this team in a way those two superstars have not.

in his 2 weeks under the spotlight, lin has thrived and surprised most with his consistency, proving that he is a legitimate player and not just a one-hit wonder. he has bought life back to the new york crowd that has been on edge the whole season. the same crowd that has wanted d’antoni’s head is applauding the play of a harvard graduate fitting perfectly into his system.

lin has been receiving comparisons to steve nash, which seems to be pretty accurate. they both excel with a pick-n-roll offense and both cause havoc when they get into the lane. when d’antoni coached the suns, steve nash headed the “7 second” offense. this offense was a formula for the team’s success as they would run-and-gun their way to victory. what made nash so dangerous were the players that surrounded him: shooters and slashers.

now in new york, d’antoni tried to relive his success last season, which helped the knicks reach its first playoff birth in almost a decade. the pick-n-roll became a staple with the team before the trade for carmelo, and has recently been reinstated into the new knicks offense ran by lin.

lin, the unsung hero, now has the complimenting pieces that nash had two years ago. with the addition of j.r. smith, the knicks gain a spot-up shooter that they hoped iman shumpert could be. jeremy lin is a point guard that has neutralized the egos amongst the team. his unselfish play has allowed the knicks to use their bench in a way that they have lacked all season. his ability to pass, shoot and get into the lane makes him a threat offensively and allows for the offense to flow easily.

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