Lame Of the Week

Every week I’m going to display the biggest “Lame” in sports. You may be wondering… Skeet how do chose the Lame of the week? Here are a few examples.

Ways Of Being a Lame:
– Making crazy claims to the media (flacko)
– Get clearly punk’d by an opponent (Syd Crosby)
– Get kicked in the face by opponent (D. Wade)
– Or the new one that’s going around.. get banged on by Blake Griffin (too many to list)

and this weeks award for lame of the week goes tooooooo (drum roll)…………



Congratulations Pau I lost all respect for you after you got posterized not once, but twice by Blake Griffin.

Either of the dunks could’ve been top play on SportCenter but they both were at the same time. I think that’s a first even for Blake. Good Job!

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